Last Minute Thoughts On Alleycat Artist Market This Weekend

For 8 years, I've been working on projects and events in which local artists interact with their supporters within the community. I believe that in the new creative economy (formerly known as the "art industry") that there is plenty of opportunities for independent artists to grow and for the art-loving public to both encourage and benefit from these artists' creativity.

Tomorrow, Saturday, April 1st, is the latest Alleycat Artist Market. Please come down, poke around, and be a supporter of the local arts. You'll see that the vendors will have merchandise of all types and all price ranges: jewelry, t-shirts, prints, paintings, vinyl records, stuffed toys, -you name it! Get something beautiful for your home or yourself; or better yet, buy an unsuspecting friend a piece of art.

We are also having Deejay Oso Fresh and the DC Vinylheadz spin a classic all-vinyl set from noon until 4 and we will be giving away arty door prizes every hour. I hope you come through. I think we're about to go through a rough time in the arts, but I've never been more excited for the ingenuity and creativity of the small artist. Please help me support them by coming through tomorrow.

Thank You So Much,